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24 hr. Retreat

For more than two years, I've harbored a vision of providing a haven where women could momentarily escape, breathe freely, rekindle their connection with themselves, and depart rejuvenated to pursue their dreams. Embracing that everything is an experiment, I embarked on this venture with a blend of excitement and fear. Yet, sharing this transformative experience with four remarkable women was deeply fulfilling. Our retreat unfolded with the opportunity to relinquish the demands of daily life, delve into emotional intelligence, explore self and interpersonal connections through journaling, savor nourishing meals, and forge bonds with some incredible women. If you missed out on this occasion, fret not! I am thrilled to announce that another retreat is scheduled for Friday, July 19th, with subsequent sessions every 90 days.

Here is what one of the women had to say about her experience at the retreat!

"Thank you So much for this weekend.  I really needed it.  To be surrounded with positive women and to unplug from the world!  The one thing I was hoping to take away was a clearer path on what career I should be in, if I should go back to school or get certified in a field.  But, what I actually took away from the weekend is where I want to intentionally place my energy.  I have realized that my heart isn't into a 'career' but it's into my family and building my home and living a simple joyous life."


Want to be a part of the next retreat?!

The next retreats on July 18th and October 18th.  Our capacity will only be 6 women each retreat to keep it intimate so early registration is important.  You can reach out by emailing

calling 620-282-8970 or through our website 


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