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Kimberly is a versatile professional, serving as a Coach, Consultant, Trainer, Speaker, and Co-Author of a book. She enriches discussions with a diverse range of insights customized to suit your organization or audience. Leveraging her extensive experience in coaching, leadership, and her nearly 9 ½ years as the founder and CEO of a multi-faceted nonprofit, she fosters transformative shifts in perspectives. Functioning as an empowerer, Kimberly challenges entrenched thought patterns and collaborates to unlock untapped potential. Embracing authenticity, she openly shares vulnerabilities and imparts invaluable lessons drawn from her personal journey. Whether in the role of a retreat facilitator, keynote speaker, or providing an external voice for your team, Kimberly brings a refreshing and insightful perspective.




Kimberly is available as a Retreat Facilitator!

Whether your team needs a speaker, coaching or leadership services, Kimberly can offer that in a new and refreshing way!
To learn more about having Kimberly a
s a Retreat Facilitator please click here to book a free 30 min. consultation.

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