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Beginning with oneself, effective leadership is fundamentally action-driven, surpassing mere labels or roles. I firmly believe that leadership is accessible to all, irrespective of formal authority, emphasizing the profound impact of personal influence in diverse settings.

Central to effective leadership is the ability to navigate challenging situations and environments, leveraging self-awareness to regulate responses and engage constructively. Whether addressing a small team, leading community initiatives, or addressing large audiences, my aim is to instill an appreciation for the potency of individual influence and the importance of attentive, empathetic communication.

Facilitating genuine connection and understanding, I recognize the power of active listening and the value it brings in fostering inclusion and empowerment. Leadership entails confronting personal contributions to challenges, fostering a willingness to adapt perspectives and empower others as necessary.

Furthermore, proficient leadership encompasses skillfully navigating challenging discussions and actively welcoming a variety of viewpoints, breaking free from divided environments to tackle obstacles impeding advancement.  As a coach, consultant, and speaker, I am committed to understanding my clients' needs, clarifying objectives, and guiding them towards meaningful progress tailored to their unique circumstances.

I invite you to engage in a dialogue with me to explore how we can ignite momentum and drive impactful change within your team, organization, and community. Let us collaborate to unlock your full potential and achieve collective success.  

Topics Might Encompass:

* Asking Powerful Questions      * Inclusive Leadership                 

* Energizing Others           

* Emotional Intelligence

 * Intervening Skillfully

Growth Mindset

* Managing Self

* Diagnosing Situations           * Ideal Team Player

* Active Listening 

Kimberly is available as a Retreat Facilitator!

Whether your team needs a speaker, coaching or leadership services, Kimberly can offer that in a new and refreshing way!
To learn more about having Kimberly as a
 Retreat Facilitator please click here to book a free 30 min. consultation.


"The material covered in this class in just the first few sessions has made a huge impact on my views and approaches not only at work as a leader, but in my personal life as well."
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