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Move mountains by


Your untapped potential!

Working with professionals and organizations who want to gain momentum and have a greater impact.

It's worth the climb!



Kimberly Becker,

PCC ICF Individual & Team Executive & Leadership Coach

Harrison Certified Assessor & Debriefer

Mentor Coach

Contact Coach for

Leadership Practitioner

Speaker & Author

Co-Starters Facilitator


Megan J.

"I don't think I can write an email long enough to explain how impressive Kim is to work with and learn from. Her approach to leadership and how she teaches to approach situations from a different perspective and the compassion she has for helping people grow in their professional roles as well as personal will absolutely change you for the better. I would love to partner with Kim going forward in a professional setting. We have been doing a huge amount of work on our culture and creating a great environment for employees and patients and I strongly believe that Kim can make a major impact by working with staff and leaders. Kim brings a wealth of knowledge and life experience that you don't come across every day. I would love to sit down and discuss possibilities for partnering with Kim to develop approaches to introduce to leadership to help them grow. I have grown exponentially just by listening and participating in her classes. "

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